Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vista ASP.Net Identity Impersonate="Not Likely"

I recently upgraded a project from .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 for a multitude of reasons. Possibly my favorite is so I can develop in VS2005 on my Vista development box without needing to use a Virtual PC image running XP and VS2003. That will make the backups of my development database much easier to manage.

Anyway, when I did that, I started getting GDI+ errors on all my pages containing Infragistics webcharts. With the help of David Negley (Infragistics) we identified that this was a permissions error on the folder the charts were rendered into. It did not initially look like a permissions error (UnauthorizedAccessException) because when I was actively debugging, the charts rendered fine. No errors. What?#@#! During testing I set Full control permissions to the following accounts: Network Service, ASPNET, Everyone, Users, NeighborsDogMilo, etc. Still no dice. The application was configured to Impersonate which to my surprise does not work as expected in Vista/IIS7. As soon as I set Identity Impersonate="False" everything worked great.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IndyTechFest 2007

Last Saturday I attended the Indy TechFest event. The event was well organized and well orchestrated. The team that handled the logistics did a phenomenal job. The keynote was a pleasant surprise with the addition of a presentation by Buck Foley, Motivational Speaker, who did an effective job of waking up the early crowd of programmers and DBA's. He was hilarious! There was a wealth of sponsor giveaways including one of my personal favorites over 150 technical books. They had 5 tracks with 5 sessions each which is a tall order to fill with technical and interesting speakers. They definately pulled it off. There was even a very interesting Lunch and Learn covering getting published by Brad Jones which was well worth skipping the lunch naptime.

I attended:

  1. Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance by Brad McGehee
  2. Upgrading your DTS packages to SQL Server Integration Services by Tom Pizzato
  3. An Overview of Linq by Dave Bost
  4. Tips and tricks for a VB developer including VB9 by Bill Steele
  5. SQL Server Database Design and T-SQL Best Practices by Arie Jones