Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IndyTechFest 2010

I am a Windows 7 phone programmer. At least that’s what Dave Bost, Bill Steele, and Jesse Liberty told me. That makes me feel pretty trendy.

With eight tracks of sessions I found myself wanting to attend two or three presentations simultaneously every hour. Unfortunately I had to choose just one.

Sessions I attended

A. Keynote with Jesse Liberty.

1. Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers

2. Introducing Windows Phone 7 Series

B. Lunch: Networking. It’s pretty fun to go to a regional event with over 400 attendees and realize that you know about 10% of the people there. I wanted to attend the Building a Company and Operating a Consultancy lunch and learn, but the room was packed full by the time I got my lunch.

3. Building Applications on Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight

4. Building a Data Mart 101

5. Application Development with Silverlight 4. Jesse mentioned Adam Kinney’s name in this session. That always makes me think I know a celebrity.

Thank you!

A big thanks goes out to the organizers, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, attendees, and anyone else that had their hand in the event! Thank you to my buddy Dave Fancher for giving me a ride from the Marriott North to the Marriot East.

The logistics, food, venue, prizes, etc. get better every time they hold the IndyTechFest. There were so many prizes from the sponsors it literally took an hour to raffle them all off – and they were even doing it quickly and efficiently.