Sunday, November 2, 2008

IndyTechfest 2008 - Another Great Indy Event

The indytechfest 2008 was again a spectacular event. The logistics were even better this year than last year. The speaker lineup was excellent with an impressive thiry tracks. The organizing team (Brad Jones, Dave Leininger, John Magnabosco, Mark McClellan, and Bob Walker) managed once again to secure enough valuable sponsors to make this a free all-day event for the nearly 500 attendees. I believe over 800 registered in the first week after registration opened. There was even a delicious catered lunch and pletty of Swag and raffle items.

I attended the following events:
  • Session 1 - Business Intelligence Track: SQL Server Integration Services 2008 (Arie Jones)
  • Session 2 - DBA Track: How to Become a Profiler Master (Brad McGehee)
  • Lunch and Learn: Lessons on Event and Error Logging (David Leininger)
  • Session 4 - .NET Today: Developing with the Live Platform (Brian Gorbett)
  • Session 5 - Web Development with ASP.NET MVC (Aaron Lerch)

I look forward to the next indytechfest event... providing I can sign up before registration closes!