Friday, June 20, 2008

VS2008 ASP.Net ReportViewer rendering issues after Vista SP1 Install

I was able to successfully create ASP.Net web forms in Visual Studio 2008 with Report Viewer controls to display Reporting data before installing Vista SP1 on my development box, possibly also before installing the Visual Studio 2008 Hotfix. After installing Vista SP1, when I tried to create a report, I received either no data at all in the Report Viewer control in the browser, or an error that read:

'document.getElementById(...).Controller' is null or not an object

I don't know if this was caused by the upgrade to Vista SP1 which supposedly sych'd the Server 2008 IIS codebase with Vista IIS codebase, but the fix required adding a Managed Handler to the Handler Mappings in IIS7 as found in the link below:

This resolved the problem and my reports rendered as expected. Many thanks to Antonio Ooi of OTK Web Solutions for the fix.