Monday, March 1, 2010

Edit Expression Encoder Job Output Templates in Blend

If you are like me and like Expression Encoder, you have probably already found the functionality that allows you to automatically create a web-based Silverlight player and html page wrapper to show off your fancy video editing prowess. Encoder comes with several Silverlight templates for audio only, video, and galleries of video. But what if the functionality they provide doesn’t suit your needs? Almost no problem, you can create a copy of the template and open it in Expression Blend in a few clicks, then customize the player as you see fit.

Click the Output tab in Encoder and select the template you wish to edit from the drop-down list. Click the tiny dot immediately to the right of the Template drop-down list.


You will be presented options for editing the template or a copy of it in Expression Blend or Visual Studio. Depending on the template you choose and what specifically you want to change in the template, the customization can range from relatively simple to “WOW, maybe I’m being too picky about what I don’t like about the built-in template.”

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