Thursday, July 8, 2010

Expression Design 4 Crashes Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer Stopped Working error I installed Microsoft Expression Studio 4 alongside Studio 2. I opened a jpg file, manipulated it by adding text, and attempted to save the .design file. Expression Design 4 crashed before the save finished. No, it’s not a beta version of Studio. Now every time I open my “Documents/Expression/Expression Design” document folder on Windows Vista SP2 with the folder set to the icons view (thumbnails) and start to scroll the window, Windows Explorer stops working and restarts. It appears to only fail on the folder that I was trying to save the .design file into when Expression Design failed. In order to see the contents of the folder, I had to change the folder view to any of the non-thumbnail options, like Details or List.

Windows Explorer Folder View Options


Unknown said...

could you send the jpg you tried to save to adamu at I'd like to try to repro this issue.

Dean Willson said...

adamu, I emailed the files to you. Thanks for your interest in this.