Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why I Almost Switched from Hyper-V to VMware vSphere

I gave Hyper-V the good ol’ college try. I had a Windows 7 instance and a Windows Server 2008R2 Web edition instance installed. A few of the limitations that I didn’t like about Hyper-V:

  • Management Console only supported on Windows 7 Ultimate or Vista Ultimate (not Home Premium or XP – pretty limiting for a home virtual environment)
  • I couldn’t allocate any more RAM in total than was physically present on the Hypervisor – even if the instances were off. That doesn’t make it very easy to spin up a development or testing instance for quick testing and spin down
  • The hypervisor management console locked up causing me to hard boot both server instances and the hypervisor to get it running again
  • If I remoted or logged directly into the hypervisor (Server 2008R2 core install) itself and accidentally closed the command line window and cscript window, I couldn’t find a way to open them again without shutting down the server instances and power cycling the hypervisor. Yikes! that isn’t a very good production option.

The “Almost” in the title is because VMware vSphere and also Citrix XenServer both had compatibility problems with my hardware. Hyper-V worked right out of the box.

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