Monday, September 8, 2008

Add Reporting Services to Existing MSSQL 2005 Install on Vista

This week I attempted to add Reporting Services to an existing SQL Server 2005 installation. I was met with an error that IIS was not configured, so the checkbox to install the Reporting Services component was greyed out. I have been using IIS on this box for over a year so the install was obviously looking for some configuration flag or feature to be installed that was not. The first thing I did was verify that the IIS 6 Compatibility options were installed, which they were. I remember adding them a year ago for something else that required it.

I happened across another blog which showed the many required Windows features in the Control Panel -- Programs and Features -- "Turn Windows features on or off" section. The only one that was unchecked was under the Common HTTP Features. The HTTP Redirection feature was unchecked. I checked the checkbox and that allowed me to add the Reporting Services component to my SQL Server installation.

The installation is complete. I ran through the Reporting Services configuration tool and hit the http://localhost/reports page. Oops, error. Finally with the help of Michael R. eluded to the removal of an extra backslash in the Handler Mapping which did resolve the issue. I don't know how he ever found that apparent typo that was configured by Reporting Services, but that solved the problem.

With the help of another handy blog,, I got the properties to show up on the Reports page by temporarily turning off the UAC and adding a user with appropriate roles to the Report Services web configuration.

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