Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where's my Cube? MSAS Deployment on Vista

In some ways I like Vista, but it sure seems like the learning curve on some development technologies is extended as a result. I seem to run into numerous things I need to track down and resolve that I wouldn't if I was developing on Server 2003 or XP. I created and deployed an Analysis Services cube... or at least I thought I did. The deployment wizard in VS 2005 indicated there were no errors and I was able to view the data in the VS browser, but when I opened Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) and connected to my Analysis Services, my database and cube were not there.

After some experimentation and research, I realized I needed to right click and "run as Administrator" when I launched SSMS. When I did that, My cube magically appeared. Turns out Analysis Services uses the built in Windows User and Group functionality for security and the UAC puts a snag in it working as you might expect on Vista. Related url:

After having administrative access to the Analysis Services database you can add an Admin or other Role in the "Roles" folder tree adding the logged in Windows user account then you can open SSMS normally without the "run as administrator" and you will be able to see and manipulate the database.

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